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The LISTENER is a completely new alarm system with a unique recognition feature, until now unknown to alarm systems.

Material obstacles must always be overcome in a break-in by levering, bending, breaking or smashing. The LISTENER alarm system unfailingly recognises and signals the resulting noise. This means that if force is applied to doors or windows during a break-in attempt, then this activity will generate the sub-audible sound frequencies that will be detected by the LISTENER and then the alarm will be reliably triggered.

The LISTENER alarm system allows you and animals to move freely in the secured properties thereby offering an efficient protection without restrictions.

However, the LISTENER alarm system does not only signal break-in attempts, but when extended to smoke detectors, gas detectors and water detectors it can be developed into a comprehensive hazard alert system.

The protection of your family and of your property deserves the highest attention. Take the time to talk with us about your security.

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