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Security Alarm Systems (Self-Monitoring)

Security alarm systems are a necessity for homes and businesses. They are the best deterrents against burglaries and trespassing. If you are tired of paying monthly fees, then we have the right solution. Save money by monitoring your property on your smart-phone.

Control your system remotely and check the security of your family when you are away. Automatically receive email or text alerts when zones are breached, your children get home, or the cleaner arrives. This offers you a convent way to detect any changes your premise. The PIR-Cam sensors and integrated cameras provide a real-time situation report to your smart phone, computer, or iPad.

You will have the ability to logon to your smart phone or computers to virtually manage your home security system remotely.

We are able to program the system with many features, which make your live easier and can safe you money. Or, did you ever thought of turning of your air condition automatically, as soon as you leave the house?

Of course, you can also have the option of having it professionally monitored as well.

All equipment used in our installations is the highest quality products available today and all services are done our trained professional technicians.

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